Cooking Italian

The geographic location, mountainous obstacles and to an extent isolation of the Abruzzo region from other parts of Italy is the reason why so much about Abruzzo is unique. In cuisine and even in its wine, when compared to other regions and even the world, Abruzzo food & wine are known as some of the best in the world.

Common “Antipasti” (starters) are Bruschetta; Antipasto di fegatini; Mussels; Stockfish or salt cod; Sauce all’aquilana.

Pasta: Maccheroni alla chitarra: a dish created by pressing or cutting pasta through an instrument called a chitarra, creating long thin noodles similar to spaghetti. The pasta is served with a tomato-based sauce, often flavored with peppers, pork, goose, or lamb. Side dishes included are a bean and noodle soup known as sagne e fagioli. This soup is traditionally flavored with tomatoes, garlic, oil, and peperoncini.

Gnocchi: carrati, flavored with bacon, eggs and pecorino cheese

La Porchetta Abruzzese (roast pork)

Pizzele: true, traditional Abruzzese waffles

Main dish: Arrosticini: roast lamb is enjoyed in several variations. Some of these variations include: a skewered lamb dish; or Pecora al cotturo: lamb stuffed with a variety of mountain herbs and cooked in a copper pot; or Lamb cooked whole in a bread oven; or Agnello cacio e ovo: a lamb-based fricassee

Seafood:  is a big part of the Abruzzo cuisine – particularly in the coastal areas. There are several amazing fish-based Brodetti (broths) often created by cooking fish in an earthenware pot flavoured with tomatoes, herbs, and peperoncino. Other Seafood dishes include the Scapece of Vasto (Fish marinade).