About Us

Tour and accommodation co-ordinators Vanda & Massimo have lived in Abruzzo for several years and continue to go back to visit. They are passionate about sharing their love, culture and heritage with you and will take you on a nostalgic journey of Abruzzo. You have worked hard to raise and provide for your family… and now, it’s “me” time. You are ready to experience the cultures that you have been told about; read about; and dreamt about. It’s time to live it!

InAbruzzoTours provides the 50 plus clientele seeking cultural travels with the opportunity to travel, stay and learn about the Abruzzo regions of Sulmona, l’Aquila, Teramo, Santo Stefano and Pescara through the eyes and accommodation of locals!

Contact Vanda for more information but do check out all of our information pages on this website, as well as our Gallery in order to get a glimpse into what we have reserved for those who want to join us for our next limited-space trip to Abruzzo.

Visitando l’Abruzzo con noi c’e la magia piu’ bella…..Al vostro arrivo, timidi sorrisi, ma al momento della partenza ci salutiamo con affettuosi abbracci, come in famiglia, per un arrivederci, mai un addio.

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